Thank you for choosing to strategically pray for your family, Living Hope and the City of Renton.

Prayer Targets for February 13, 2018


  • Repent of any unhealthy attitudes, words or actions that might give the devil a foothold over you and your family.
  • Pray over each person in your family and their specific needs.
  • Pray scripture into your family’s future and legacy.
  • Pray for any health or illness issues.
  • Pray for God’s salvation and sanctification over your family.


  • Pursue God’s presence.  This is our first core value.  Pray to utilize Tim’s “Build the Wall” strategy to increase prayer with our families and within our Church.  The 13th of each month is the day Living Hope committed to cover in 1Church1Day.  Pray for us to work together to cover the whole day with 24/7 prayer.  Pray that we would pray for at least two other families at Living Hope.

  • Youth Ministry.  Pray for ongoing discipleship for those connecting with God at deeper levels. Pray for new and stronger relationships with unchurched kids. Pray for a couple more youth leaders that are consistent, passionate and can connect with teens.

  • The Discipleship Journey. Pray for church leadership as they plan and implement “The Journey” that begins in April. Pray that details come together quickly. Pray that engagement will be extremely high. Pray that we see the deep need to live after Jesus and die to our flesh.

  • Organic Outreach. Pray that God would raise a few people up within Living Hope who are passionate and motivated to reach into our neighborhood and city with the practical love of Christ to serve those in need. Pray that Living Hope will have the resources to support their initiative. Pray that as they communicate the need that others will be moved to come alongside them to see it achieved and completed.

  • Champers’ Family. Declare full healing for Declan’s bone marrow transplant and that whatever caused aplastic anemia has been eradicated from his body.  Pray for blood pressure to lower on its own. Pray that Declan will have an appetite so he won’t have to have a tube put in for nutrition. Pray that the stress on the family will be minimal and that they will seek to encourage one another in the difficult times. Pray that Declan will remain cooperative through all the medical changes. Pray for the health and well being (spiritual too) of the new baby to be born mid-June.

Church (for entire city):

  • for freedom to operate in the Holy Spirit’s power.
  • For pastor/leader’s to rise up and pray in the Spirit to take back what the enemy has taken.
  • Prayer against apathy and complacency, but an urgency to engage in the battle.
  • Believers would be inspired to keep the food bank needs in mind and willing to donate AND help
  • Prayer for unity within the Body of Christ like we’ve never seen before.
  • Click here to see specific targets for Living Hope


  • For peace in the home between parents, and between parents and children, and between siblings.
  • For God’s Spirit to penetrate even the hardest of hearts and homes.
  • For fathers to have a desire for responsibility to their marriage and their children.
  • Those couples living together outside marriage would all of a sudden desire the commitment and kind of biblical love marriage brings.


  • For protection from the spirit of suicide, murder, bullying, witchcraft, prostitution and drugs as well as the curiosity of those things.
  • Pray that test scores for ESL students improves (meaning they understand more and more).
  • For a desire to learn from the students.
  • For teachers to look at the heart of a child more than their behavior.


  • For Mayor Law to have a vibrant relationship with Jesus!
  • For genuine care by our police officers to every citizen AND for their protection against the evil one.
  • That God would give wisdom to city officials to better address the needs of homelessness in Renton
  • That more options would become available for affordable housing for those in real need
  • From the Mayor himself: We need to address the needs of our vulnerable senior population and provide positive amenities for our youth


  • For Christian business owners to lead in generosity and integrity. 
  • For those businesses to grow so they can expand job creation.
  • For the relocation of Wizards of the Coast out of Renton (unwanted spiritual influence here)


  • For doctors not to be distracted by paperwork so they can give the best care possible.
  • For successful surgeries and diagnoses for patients from urgent care facilities to primary care doctors to anesthesiologists, surgeons and nurses.
  • Pray for those offices who deal primarily with Medicare patients so they diagnose, treat and care for patients as if they were family.


  • Pray against any forms of cyber-bullying towards our teens.
  • For the mind of Christ to be able to see things as they truly are and not as they are manipulated to be.
  • For the whole truth to be represented and not just a slanted view propogating that particular view.

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